Path to Palfish

Flexibility at your fingertips! Teach English from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone.

Path to Palfish will give you a step-by-step guide to getting hired and starting your Palfish adventure!

Free Mentor Program

Are you guys ready to get started with Palfish? can 100% hold your hand through every step of the way. I’m in the process of helping almost 30 people get hired right now – so if you meet all the requirements, I am certain I can get you teaching in a matter of 5 days!

What does the Free Mentoring Program include?



  • A step-by-step trail guide to climbing the Palfish mountain

There will be 6 steps in your journey:

I. Getting your TEFL/TESOL certification
II. Complete your profile 
III. Attend your interview/demo 
IV. Complete the in-app quiz
V. Get teaching!

  • One-on-one mentoring through email or Palfish messenger

Quick responses to personal questions
Direct feedback on interview practices
Convenient messaging through Palfish messenger

  • Insider tips on how Palfish works

How the app works – tour of the scheduling, moments, lives etc
Video of a real live lesson
Sample interview rubric
Tips to get bookings after the application
How to use the Palfish reading app

How do I get started?

You will need a smartphone or tablet for this app (iOS or Android will work). It is not recommended that you use your computer for this as you will not be able to access all the functionalities Palfish has to offer.

To be able to get the most out teaching on Palfish, you will also be encouraged to download the Palfish reading app to get more involved with the progress of the students. This will not be accessible to PC users. More information about how to use the reading app will be in the Free Mentor Program.

How do I join the mentor program?

It’s easy. And it’s free.

 Steps to take now:

1) Download the app – Open this link on your phone and download OR go to the app store and download “Palfish”. Make sure you are downloading the Teacher app (it’s in English, the student app is in Chinese).



 2) Set up your account – Verify your phone number. Make sure you choose the correct country code. Set up your Palfish account by adding a profile photo, username and password. 

3) Put in my referral number – Once you have downloaded the app, put me in the invitation code section: 72796812. I will get notified when you do this and contact you through the Palfish app. Look out for your messages.

 4) Message me below – Send me an email or message me directly on Palfish. Let me know that you have added me as your referral and you  are ready to start your journey! I will then give you access to my free mentor program.



Can I join if I've already downloaded the app?

If you have already downloaded the app BUT you haven’t gone through the application process, YOU DEFINITELY CAN. Just make sure you haven’t started stage 1 of the application process: “Complete Info”. Here’s how:

1) Go to the “Application” section and make sure you are still in the “Complete Info” stage

2) Go to “Me” on the bottom right corner of your home screen

3) Click on Settings (top-right gear icon)

4) Add me as your inviter:  72796812

5) Shoot me a message on Palfish so I know you have joined and I will give you access to the Free Mentor Program!


If you have already gone past that part but you’re still confused and you’d like some free coaching through the next stages, you can create a new account and make me your mentor.







How do I use the password?

After you have signed up using my referral code, please message me! Either leave your email below or contact me directly on the Palfish app. You will then receive the password to the Free Mentor Program. Please don’t share this password with anyone, I spent a lot of time putting it together to get YOU hired. If a friend would like access, please tell them to sign up. It’s FREE.

Please allow at least 24 hours to receive an email. Depending on where you are, take into account that there will be time difference.

Note that I will be changing the password every month. Do not feel rushed! This is to make sure only the relevant people have access to my program. Just send me an email if you are still in the application process and I will gladly grant you access for another month.

Once you have received the email or the Palfish message containing the password, you will be able to access the page below to start your journey! 

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