Sorry guys this page will come really soon I promise (April 2019). 

For the time being, if you want my help with anything, if you want me to be your mentor, please leave me a message below and I will 100% help you!


1) Download the app – Open this link on your phone and download OR go to the app store and download “Palfish”. Make sure you are downloading the Teacher app (it’s in English, the student app is in Chinese).



2) Put in my referral number – Once you have downloaded the app, put me in the invitation code section: 72796812. I will get notified when you do this and contact you through the Palfish app. Look out for your messages.

3) Message me below – Let me know that you have added me as your referral and you  are ready to start your journey! I will then give you access to my free mentor program.





Quick summary of my “Free Mentor Program”:

1) How to set up your profile – 

This is like your resume on Palfish. I will guide you on how to make a kid-friendly and attractive profile to not only attract the recruiters but also the students and parents who will be choosing a teacher for their lesson.

2) How to get a quick TESOL certificate – 

This step is for those of you who are brand new to teaching English and need a TESOL/TEFL certificate. This is absolutely mandatory if you want to teach not only on Palfish, but any other ESL platform especially those directed at Chinese customers. It is now Chinese law that every ESL must have one.

3) How to pass the interview/demo – 

If you get through to this stage, you will need to conduct a short demo. Real lesson slides will be presented to you and you will have to pretend you are teaching a student. This is for the recruiters to judge your teaching abilities, especially to children that may speak NO ENGLISH at all! I will be able to guide you, slide by slide, on what you need to say/do. *Free printout props also available.

4) Yay you passed!

I’m confident that if we go through the steps right, you will be able to join the Palfish team! After this, you will be able to start teaching in the next 3 hours. I will be able to take you through a tour of the app: how to schedule, how to set up moments, how to conduct lessons.



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