Path to Palfish

Flexibility at your fingertips! Teach English from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone.

Path to Palfish will give you a step-by-step guide to getting hired and starting your Palfish adventure!

"Hi my name is Teacher Ella, what's your name? 🍎🍎"

Upon finishing uni, I was only sure of one thing: I wanted to travel. However, becoming a digital nomad quickly presented a few challenges, the biggest being money. Sure, I had enough saved up for a couple months, maybe, but this was not enough to support my worldwide bucketlist. I wanted the freedom to travel and work whenever I wanted to. But that sounded too good to be true. How could I find a way to work wherever I want, whenever I want?

One month ago, I applied for Palfish and it’s been such a great experience. There may be tons of other Online ESL companies out there, but Palfish is just hands-down the best (in my opinion). I know when I was going through the application process I had millions of questions and there were  very limited answers.

That’s why I’m starting this website. I want to HELP everyone going through the same process, so please message me if you have any questions. I’m currently helping out 30+ people going through the Palfish application process at this very moment. Reach out by leaving me a message below or using my referral code (72796812)** to message me on Palfish.

**Full disclosure: Using my Palfish referral code gives me a small commission of $30 if you’ve found this helpful please support me by using my code. HOWEVER I only get the commission once you get HIRED so that why I’ve put together this free mentor program to help you get there! Check our the program if you’re interested — I’ve spent a lot of time putting this together, so a little compensation would go a long way!

“Ella helped me through the entire process and was there for me whenever I had any questions. The Mentor Program was very detailed and her videos gave me a good example to follow. I highly recommend going under Ella’s guidance if you are looking to join PalFish and make the best out of your time with them!”

– Teacher Alexa!, April 2019

“Ella introduced me to PalFish and has always offered me her impartial advice and honest support helping me not just to pass the interview but also equipping me with important skills which are needed for online teaching. She has been so patient with my many questions and I’ve really enjoyed having her beside me throughout this whole process. The Free Mentor Programme is very detailed and accessible. I would very highly recommend anyone to seek support from Ella’s programme during your PalFish journey – as she will definitely make it so much easier for you and make the process much more enjoyable. Thanks Ella!”

– Teacher Charley, April 2019

“I don’t know how to thank Teacher Ella. I am doing my interview today and because of her putting this site together I don’t feel as nervous as I normally would be. I was able to get my background together and prepare for the interview without feeling like I am forgetting something. I am new to this and I wouldn’t have gotten this far without her help. Once I get done with the interview I will come back and leave an update. Thank you Teacher Ella!!! :)”

– Ms. Esh, April 2019

“Ella was fantastic, prepped me for the interview, explained the process thorough, and even kept up with me after I got hired to make sure I was getting my feet under me comfortably. The site is a great information resource, and the mentor program is full of useful tips and information, can not recommend enough, especially for FREE.”

– Teacher Spencer, April 2019

“Ella introduced me to PalFish and I instantly fell in love! She was incredibly helpful and answer every question I had (and I had a million) she always takes the time to message and make sure I am still doing okay with everything.
The site itself is amazing! I am able to help children from different parts of China to learn my native English language. It’s very easy to use and there are step by step tutorials you can watch, plus the lessons are pretty much already put together for you! You just have to teach them! If you have the free time and TEFL certification I highly recommend trying it out!”

– Miss_Mary, April 2019

“I was quite clueless as to what to expect for the Palfish application but Ella went through it all with me. The Program showed me exactly what to expect and I have no doubt that it ensured my acceptance. She is messages you after the interview too which I thought was wonderful as it shows she cares about her referees and actually appreciates them as well. I’ve already gained regular students from my first week and am loving the freedom to earn remotely!”

– Teacher Jake, April 2019

“Ella’s website was so useful at getting me started with palfish. I have been working with palfish for under a week and have already earnt $250!! Without I wouldn’t be anywhere near as confident in the classes.”

– Teacher Seb, April 2019

“I can’t thank you enough for ALL of your help one on one with me. Ella’s website is amazingly detailed and to top it off a private group for the continued support new teachers need. This entire experience was a bit scary at first but now I feel the sky is the limit and I enjoy teaching ESL way more than I ever thought I would with Palfish. Ella is the mentor for you with her “Free Mentor Program” and ANY new teachers looking for help along their Path to Palfish. I am so happy I found your website and that you are my mentor!! Thank you!!!!”

– Miss Robin, April 2019

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